KhalifaSat is one of the world’s most technologically advanced remote sensing observation satellites and the first 100% designed and manufactured in the United Arab Emirates. It was launched into low Earth orbit (Approximately 613 km in altitude) in October 2018, beginning a 5-year mission to capture and transmit high-quality detailed images of Earth to the MBRSC in Dubai. These assist global governments and private organizations to monitor environmental changes, ensure effective urban management, and aid in disaster relief efforts, amongst other critical services. With five patents to its name, KhalifaSat confirms the UAE’s position alongside the world’s leading space technology manufacturing countries in humanity’s journey towards a future in space.


The Emirati satellite engineering team devised innovative features that make KhalifaSat a leader in its weight class.

  1. Enhanced digital camera
  2. Fast download and communication system
  3. Advanced target positioning system
  4. Satellite positioning technique
  5. Automatic satellite control system


Launched 29th October 2018 on board a H-IIA rocket from Tanegashima Space Centre, Japan.

Emirati Engineers: A Korean/Emirati team made up by 30% Emiratis.

Altitude: 613 km (low Earth orbit)

Mass: 330 kg

Orbit speed: 98.1 minutes to complete one orbit of the Earth

Mission: Detailed 3Dimagery, with a GSD of 0.7 m panchromatic and 2.98 GSD in four multispectral bands